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Pink Bunnies Monologue from
When it Rains Gasoline
Jason D. Martin
Emily is a fifteen year old girl that has just discovered that she is
pregnant.  Her boyfriend has completely abandoned her.
Sometimes I just wish the world was full of pink bunny rabbits.  There
would be a beautiful lush forest, green grass, a sparkling brook, and it
would always be warm.  And all that would live there would be pink bunny
rabbits.  Hundreds of pink bunny rabbits.  They would eat the grass and
the leaves and there wouldn't be any wolves to hurt them.  Every rabbit's
Mom and Dad would love them no matter what...  And all the rabbits would
be in love...  They would all have the perfect mate that would never ever
hurt them in any way.  They would all be able to trust each other and
know that if something bad happened, no one would run away.  I know it's
a weird dream, but I've heard weirder.  My boyfriend used to tell me how
cool it would be if there were one way mirrors into the girls locker room.  
That's kind of strange...  Then again, he is a guy.  I had another friend
who thought that rocks were alive and that if you touched them the grease
on your fingers would kill them.  A little weirder.  Someone once told me
that he had a premonition that one day we would all have flying waffles for
cars...  That almost takes the cake for weirdness.  No, I'll tell you the
weirdest thing I ever heard was when my doctor told me that I was
pregnant...  There is no doubt that that's the weirdest thing I've ever
heard.  I never knew a fifteen year old girl would...  Well, I suppose I've
heard about it happening.  I guess I never thought it could happen to me.  
I wish the world were full of pink bunny rabbits.