Welcome to Biography of Jason D. Martin
Jason is a writer with a varied field of interests.  He is a successful outdoor
adventure writer, a playwright, a screenwriter, and a film critic.  Jason's
work has been seen in the pages of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the San
Antonio Current, the Northwest Mountaineering Journal, Climbing
Magazine, and in many other local and national publications.  Jason splits
his time between Bellingham, Washington and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Outdoor Writer:
Jason is a freelance writer and professional mountain guide.  Much of his
adventure writing  revolves around the work that he does in the
mountains.  Jason has professionally guided in the Cascades, the Sierra,
Red Rock Canyon, Joshua Tree National Park, the Alaska Range, the
Coast Mountains of Canada, and in the Andes of Bolivia, Ecuador and
Peru.  He wrote the guidebook "Fun Climbs Red Rocks: Topropes and
Moderates" and co-authored, "Washington Ice: A Climbing Guide." His
writing has appeared in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, the San Antonio
Current, the Northwest Mountaineering Journal, Climbing Magazine and in
numerous other publications. He currently manages the American Alpine
Institute blog, generating numerous climbing and outdoor articles every
week.  Jason splits his time between Bellingham and Las Vegas.

A former high school drama teacher, Jason lives and breathes to write for
and about theatre and film.  Over the years, seven of his plays have been
published in different anthologies. Numerous productions of these plays
and others have been performed throughout the United States and
Europe.  He has received three Meritorious Achievement Awards from the
American College Theatre Festival for excellence in playwriting; and his
play "Dying Light" was selected as the Best New Play at the Northwest
Drama Conference in 1995.  More recently, Jason's Brechtian exploration
of Native American rights and modern environmentalism entitled,
"Endangered Species," was selected as a finalist in the Earth Matters on
Stage conference in Humboldt, California.  As a screenwriter, Jason  
adapted John Weld's book "Fly Away Home" into a screenplay for Laguna
Films in California.  In addition to writing for theatre and film, Jason is a
critic who has seen his work published in newspapers throughout North
America.  Jason holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in dramatic writing
from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

  • Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts - Playwriting, University of
    Nevada Las Vegas-2002

  • Bachelor of Arts and Education, Western Washington University
      Endorsements:  Theatre Arts and English
      Theatre Arts Concentrations:  Directing, Playwriting, and Education

  • Associate Degree, Shoreline Community College-1992

  • Winner, Best of Seattle - 48 Hour Film Festival Invitational for It
    Doesn't Have to Be that Way - 2008

  • Finalist for Earth Matters on Stage Ecotheatre Playwriting
       University of California, Humboldt, 2004 - Endangered Species

  • American College Theatre Festival, Meritorious Achievement Award
      Playwriting, 2000 - Fall From Grace

  • American College Theatre Festival, Meritorious Achievement Award
      Directing, 2000 - Smells Like Rain

  • American College Theatre Festival Best One Act Play, 1996 - Dying

  • Northwest Drama Conference Regional Playwright Winner, 1995
      Dying Light

Work in the Theater:
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