Scripts available for purchase through ESCRIPTS

The following scripts and anthologies of scripts by Jason D. Martin may be purchased from this website.  In order to purchase a script here, click on the highlighted link which will take you to the escript website and then follow the prompts. You will need the free downloadable Acrobat Reader to view your PDF file once payment has been approved. This website uses to verify credit cards and all transactions are completely confidential.

Ghouls   ($8.00)

This full-length play in one-act explores conformity in high school as well as in society. Kids at the local high school are turning into zombies and are apparently eating the teachers. Will any teenagers survive? Click here for more information on the play. Purchase Script

When it Rains Gasoline   ($10.00)

This 66 page play explores the complexity of being a teenager in the world today. The script digs deeply into the psyche of the modern high school student and doesn't shirk away from gritty realities. Click here for more information. Purchase Script

Fall from Grace and Dying Light   ($10.00)

Each of these one-act plays explores the notions of family and death. In Fall from Grace, a dying mountain climber must come to terms with his life. In Dying Light, a young couple facing terminal illness must come to terms with their death. Click here for more information. Purchase Scripts

Teen Plays   ($8.00)

Included in this anthology are the plays Speaking Chick, Stuffed Animals, and Wishful Thinking. The combination of these three plays -- two comedies and one darker play -- would make for an excellent evening of theatre in a high school venue. Click here for more information. Purchase Scripts

Comic Ten Minute Plays($8.00)

Plays in this anthology include Group Therapy and the Undead, Schoolhouse Rock, Jesus Christ is a Communist, Digital Potatoes, Bumper Stickers, A Little Adventure, To Murder a King and The Magic Orgasm Ring. For late night comedy or for college projects, these plays cannot be beat. Click here for more information. Purchase Scripts