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The Mountain Dwellers
by Jason D. Martin




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Author Bio:

Jason D. Martin

Screenplay - 117 Pages


Suspense, Action, Environmental, Wilderness, Mountain
Climbing, Considerable Violence, Monster Movie, Military
Contractors, Mercenary, Sasquatch, Bigfoot

Target Audience: 16-35

While attempting a dangerous rescue, mountain climbers in
a remote region stumble upon a shocking military operation
to capture and experiment on the elusive sasquatch.

Deep in the mountains of British Columbia, RYAN and
JESS struggle to rescue their seriously injured friend,
ANDY. But before the injury kills him, they discover a
PARAMILITARTY FORCE covertly working in the forest.  
Though Andy ultimately receives medical attention, the
mercenaries are elusive as to why they are there.

Ryan discovers that the team, led by a maniacal soldier
named LEANDER and a scientist named SHIPMAN,
kidnapped a baby SASQUATCH for biological weapons

The two leaders decide that the climbers know too much
and plan to stage a "climbing accident" for them.  But
before they have a chance to implement their plan, their
camp is assaulted by a tribe of SASQUATCH searching for
the missing baby. The camp and all its communication
equipment are destroyed.  The survivors must rely on the
climbers to escape through the mountains.

The climbers lead the group up onto a glacier where they
are attacked a second time.  The Sasquatch recover the
baby and kidnap all the climbers as well as Leander and
Shipman.  The rest are killed in the attack.

The survivors find themselves left alone in a deep cave.  
Andy has re-injured himself and cannot walk.  Jess stays
with the man.  The others abandon them and venture into
the labyrinth of caverns to find an exit.

Shipman and Ryan are killed in yet another attack.  Jess rigs
a way to carry Andy out of the cave.  She is pursued by
both the Sasquatch and Leander.

Jess escapes the cave and discovers that she is close to a
bay.  She finds a HUNTER on the beach and asks for help.  
Leander appears from the woods and sees the hunter as a
threat.  He murders the man and then turns his weapon on
Andy and Jess.  At the last moment, the Sasquatch emerge
from the woods and kill Leander.  Jess and Andy escape in
the hunter's boat.

Jason is a playwright, screenwriter, film critic and outdoor
adventure writer.  Seven of his plays have been published in
different anthologies and he has seen his work produced
throughout the United States and Europe.  As a
screenwriter, Jason adapted John Weld's autobiography,
"Fly Away Home" into a screenplay for Laguana Films in
2003. As a film critic and an outdoor adventure writer, he
has seen his work printed in magazines, journals and
newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.  
Jason holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree in writing for
theatre and film from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.