Welcome to the works of Jason D. Martin
Monologue from
When it Rains Gasoline
by Jason D. Martin
Jessie is one of those nerdy cool kids.  In the scheme of things he's a
nerd, but among those who are nerds he's a king.  This character is
between fifteen and eighteen years old.
You guys just don't get it.  We just need to remember our roots.  All I'm
saying is that with all these new graphics and these new systems with
these super games with super graphics and you forget what came
before.  You forget about the old school.  That is a really bad direction to
go.  You forget what a real man's game is.  Now Pac Man...  That is a real
man's game.  Donkey Kong, that is a real man's game.  And you know
what men were playing back in the day?  Pong!  Pong!  Now that, that is a
real man's game.  You've got your ball, you've got your paddle, and
you've got your little bricks.  Simple.  To the point.  A real man's game.  
There is no Fantasy Super Force Mario Ex Lax save point.  You don't
have to call some stupid hot line to figure out the secrets.  You don't
need to get a stupid magazine!  You bounce the ball off the bricks and
they disappear.  When the bricks are gone:  You win!  All I'm saying is
that we're forgetting where we came from.